In late 1989 and early 1990 we designed our vision of the Internet's future. In 1991, we presented our ideas to many perspective ventual capitialists and got a universal "You're crazy: why would anyone want to buy anything using a computer and socalize on a computer."

So, in late 1991 we started consulting to pay for our own network equipment and in early 1992 HoloNet was born. It was attached to the then fledgeling Commerical Ineternet and provided E-mail and USENET to terminal users and via UUCP to BBS users via local modems and the CompuServ Dialup Network. HoloNet was born.

The early days of HoloNet were quite successful. Our UUCP Service for BBSes plus our E-mail coupled with DNS provided people with their own domain mailboxes, but we saw the cable and telephone companies enter the market. We sought funding to expand, but we were told that we were no longer a start-up and they were only funding start-ups.

So, with no one that would fund our expansion, we turned our focus toward a series of projects for our next generation of services. The first took too long to get to market and by then the market was domindated by an inferior product. The second relied too heavily on an insider marketer who was unable to hold up their end. Finally, we found angel funding for our third project, but half way during development the funding collapsed due to the Intenet Bubble bursting.

In 2001, we closed our offices and started running HoloNet part-time.

In 2008, with no new services being offered, HoloNet shrunk to one person (Kurt Pires).

In 2016, HoloNet's old public-facing services were shuttered and I focused on handfull of existing services for long-term customers.

For 2023, a new HoloNet is being planned with a focus of something new.